Know what suction cysts are

Suction cyst (cyst puncture) is a treatment procedure that is performed to remove fluid in the cyst that grows in certain organs or areas of the body. This procedure is one of the treatment measures for patients with cysts, in addition to drug therapy and surgery. Cysts are lumps or membrane-like tissue sacs, which contain fluid, gas, and semi-solid substances. Cysts can appear on any organ or body part and under the surface of the skin. The causes of the formation of cysts generally vary, including infections, chronic inflammation, hereditary diseases or genetic conditions, blockage of channels in organs, and injuries. Some of the most common types of cysts include ovarian cysts, breast cysts, ganglion cysts, kidney cysts, Bartholin cysts, dermoid cysts, and epidermoid cysts. Treatment of cysts is usually adjusted by a number of factors. Among these are the type of cyst, the location and size of the cyst, the body's response to the cyst (whether the cyst causes pain or not), a
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